The Farm

At Herbas, we are dedicated to preserving the land's integrity through manual craftsmanship. Our agricultural philosophy is rooted in nurturing the soil, which we accomplish by implementing organic practices that minimize soil disruption. Rather than traditional approaches, we layer enriching compost, nourishing mulch, and the remains of cover crops to promote soil vitality. Crop rotation is implemented to ensure sustainable growth and natural insect control. We believe in the synergy of companion planting and employ this practice to create a diverse tapestry of over 100 flower and herb varieties.


Our growing season lasts for up to eight months, beginning in April and ending in November. During this period, we focus on cultivating Heirloom varieties of flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit. The months of July through October bring forth an abundance of colors.

We follow the seasons and our assortment is ever changing.

At Herbas, we maintain a holistic approach to pest management, intervening only as necessary with nature's own tools, such as chili pepper, herb, and garlic essences.