Citrus afrikaan blad / Tangerine lace


This leafy blade and petiole can add a marvelous tangerine flavor to your dishes when you add citrus zest. The texture of citrus lace is delicate, giving it a lovely lacy appearance. You can eat both the stem and the leaf, which will add color, texture, flavor, and nutrients to your culinary creations. We ship only the most tender, flavorful, and aromatic leaves.Enhance the flavor and texture of your culinary dishes with the addition of our delicate and flavorful citrus lace, made from a leafy blade and petiole. The citrus zest adds a marvelous tangerine flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. You'll love the lacy appearance that this ingredient gives to your dishes. What's more, both the stem and the leaf are edible, providing an array of nutrients and adding a pop of color to your creations. Rest assured, we only ship the most tender, flavorful, and aromatic leaves to ensure that your dishes are truly exceptional.

Color: Vibrant Green

Taste: Citrus zest / Tangerine

Size: 2-4 cm

Count: 250 cc or 500 cc